Panjiakou Key Water Control Project

Panjiakou Reservoir Dam    Panjiakou key water control project is the center part of whole project,controlling catchment area of 33,700 km2,which shares 75% of the total Luanhe River catchment area. As the core of the Luanhe diversion project,Panjiakou water control project serves mainly for the water supply for Tianjin and Tangshan and also takes consideration to flood control,power generation,irrigation and aquatic production.

    The Panjiakou project consists of a major dam,two secondary dams,spilway,bottom outlets and power house. The major dam has a maximum height of 107.5m and is 1040m long. The reservoir has a total starage capacityof 2.93 billion m3.  The live starage is 1.95 billion m3. The power station. The project was started in October 1975 and in december 1979 it began to store water,in April 1981 the conventional generator unit was put in operation.

Great Wall in Water    Surrounded by Yangshan mountain,Panjiakou reservoir is located at foot of the Great Wall. In the area,hills are connecting with water and the water surface is crystal clear and transparent as mirror.  The mountains are wriggled with wonderful peaks,adding a my stery colour to the reservoir. In particular, the Great Wall Xifengkou pass in the reservoir,forming a unique scene of a "Great Wall in Water" in whole country,which attracts visiters' attention for lingering enjoyment without thought of leaving.



Spillway with 18 Holes in Panjiakou Reservoir Dam Panjiakou Reservoir Flood Discharge
Xifengkou Pass Panjiakou Section of the Great Wall